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Confess Your Sins, Anonymously

The simple sites, pure of purpose, are the best. (nice URL, incidentally) enables you to secretly confess whatever’s on your mind for the world to see. A few of my favourites:

When certain people call me I wont answer my cell phone. Instead I’ll listen to their message and spend all day trying to figure out a good way to get out of doing anything with them.

When I was in junior high, the PE coach got mad at me for talking in class so he made me run wind sprints for an hour after school. A couple weeks later I banged his daughter who was in my class and sent him her panties thanking him for building my endurance up.

When i was in my early teens i told my younger sisters that they had missed christmas because mum was too busy to get the tree. They believedm e.

It’s interesting, I think, that they don’t enable you to comment on any of the entries. That might be a healthy edition…some of these people are screaming for a little human contact.

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  1. michelle!

    strange and addictive… I cant stop reading people’s confessions…

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