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Fluevog Stigmata

Last week I went down to Granville St. (it’s a long way from Richards St.) and bought myself some shoes from John Fluevog Shoes. Fluevog has been something of a Vancouver institution for as long as I can remember. Locally, his popularity took off with those gothy, super-pointy shoes in the early eighties.

I’m pretty happy with my purchase–they’ve got a funk factor of about 4. However, they hurt my feet like a mofo. In fact, despite the best efforts of 2nd Skin, I’ve got little sores on the tops (!) of my feet. Ah well, I guess we all have to suffer to be beautiful.

3 Responses to “Fluevog Stigmata”

  1. Kyle

    I still have a pair of ten hole derby style patten leather docs I bought from there in about grade ten. They’re more comfortable than any shoes I have ever owned, and the soles protect me from satan!

    The Fluevog angels got my back! Errr, feet!

  2. Meryl

    I am so proud of you for going Fluevog. Those shoes rock. I love the swirl. Who cares if they hurt for a while. Hang in there. Colour is sooo stunning. You continue to amaze me Darren. :) M.

  3. Sue

    Try moleskin. It sticks to the shoes and softens the hard, pokey bits that hurt your feet.

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