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Hockey Slash

Slash is a particular type of erotic fan fiction where two characters have same-sex relationship. One Joan Crenshaw in her Slash Primer continues:

It is written by women for women and has little or nothing to do with what gay men or lesbians like. It is not gay lit. Emotional barriers are let down and the dialogue is often romantic. The stories aren’t always plot-driven; the PWP (or Plot? What Plot?) story exists as an excuse to get any two main characters together for sex. Slash is primarily male-male, but that is changing rapidly as Xena and Alien Resurrection fan fiction have come online.

Predictably, she goes on to write that ‘Slash had its beginnings in Star Trek’s distinct lack of strong continuing female partners for the male leads.’ It sure gets lonely out there in space, doesn’t it? Slash isn’t really my bag, but whatever floats your boat, right? It has a certain post-modern weirdness that I support.

Regardless, imagine my shock (and awe) when, while searching for references to the Mattress Line, I happened upon Natuzzi Love, a blog and slash site for hockey players (and, gulp, wrestlers). The name (and presumably, the principle characters) comes from Todd Bertuzzi and Markus Naslund, two popular Vancouver Canucks. The blog itself (safe for work) has the most awesome purple-pink photo of Todd and Markus about to kiss (actually, it’s a decent Photoshop job of them just manfully hugging after a goal).

7 Responses to “Hockey Slash”

  1. ~~~Angel~~~

    Ok what’s so wrong about slash? If you don’t like it, then don’t read it! I’m betting you have never even taken a good look around a slash site, many of the people who write slash fiction and RPS (Real Person Slash) pour there hearts and sould into it, and do it because they enjoy it, and becuase other people enjoy it. And About Natuzzi Love, actully it’s one of the better sites around. As you mention the graphic rock, and the picture was really taken, the person who did the graphic just jazzed the photo up a bit. I have the origanl photo save in my graphic archives … somewhere. Next time, try serching with better key words~A

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  3. ajhf

    QUOTE: It is written by women for women

    Please know that most female hockey fans are NOT into this crap.

  4. Keiko Garley

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