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Is Stubble Sexy?

This question came up in conversation last night. In particular, it was regarding hirsute Canuck forward Todd Bertuzzi. As local fans will know, Todd’s face doesn’t see a razor as often as it might. We were looking at an off-ice photo of Todd at his swarthiest, and all of the women-folk present agreed that he looked pretty fine. Like, in one woman’s words, ‘he might just throw me against the boards.’ There are plenty of examples in pop culture of some stubble being an attractive thing.

Here’s my question? Is the popular opinion that stubble is sexy? What about practicality? Is it sexy in theory, but when you get up close, is it a little too rough-and-ready? If stubble is, indeed, sexy, then how and when should the discerning man make use of it? Should I only shave every other day?

16 Responses to “Is Stubble Sexy?”

  1. d

    in my opinion:

    some men look better with stubble than others.. it really depends on the hair growth pattern on their face, and their bone structure, and their hair, and a whole bunch of other things.

    stubble, to me, FEELS sexy as well as looking sexy. it’s very masculine.

  2. donna

    I’m not a fan of stubble because of practicality. I don’t care how it looks, but it’s rough and scratchy. I don’t like face fungus.

    I can handle a full beard that’s had enough time to soften up (and then only because my ex boyfriend grew a beard while we were dating.) :) But I prefer freshly cleanshaven. :)

    That said, I don’t care if someone doesn’t shave for a few days. God knows I don’t shave every day either, so I’m not going to expect someone else to. :)

  3. Sue

    I’m with Donna – I certainly don’t expect a man to shave every day. Some men have to, because of their professional lives (ie, dealing with customers or high-profile executives) and that’s a pity for them because I sympathize with the daily time hog that shaving becomes.

    To me, stubble implies sexiness if it is connected with outdoorsiness or athleticism – it implies that a razor has been unavailable or impractical. A man in a tux, however, or even a business suit, shouldn’t have stubble.

    It’s all about congruity with the clothes and setting.

    However, there is no setting in which a mullet or overgrown hair is sexy. Bad hair is just bad hair, of any length or style. Sorry, Sopel.

  4. Nancy

    As a visual, stubble can be sexy. In practice, getting up close and personal and all that, it’s like getting intimate with sandpaper.

  5. Mel

    I’m with Devon on the face shape/hair growth pattern, with Donna on the comfort level thing, and with Sue on the context.

    Basically, it depends on the woman (or man).

    If you’re wondering about your own…ask your wife ;)

  6. Todd

    I have to agree with d that some guys wear it well and others don’t for a combination of reasons. The sensation varies from person to person too, so add that to the mix of an answer. As far as Bertuzzi goes, I think he’s one who doesn’t wear it well, and I don’t really care to find out how his feels.

  7. mike reid

    Grow a stuble and find out darren. You should be able to find out from your wife

  8. bree

    I think it’s sexy. But there are some guys who just can’t pull it off. So sad.

  9. Rog

    I’ll also agree with d, it all depends on the particular man, some I find very attractive with light stubble.

    But Todd Bertuzzi? Blaaaargh! I don’t get the attraction there. Maybe it has a lot more to do with sports fan worship than purely physical appearance, because otherwise I’m just baffled.

  10. Sheila

    I think stuble rocks…on most guys. I love Bert’s stuble, but he also looks great clean shaven. Ok, so I think BOTH look great…if you’re Todd Bertuzzi. haha.

  11. Etienne

    What about Gerard Butler, doesn’t he just look so fine with that stubble, even in a tux at the premiers???

  12. Cat

    It is so sexy. There’s something sexy about a rough kiss, with a bit of stubble thrown in. Even better when neck kissing is involved too.

    I’m currently on day two of injury from kissing very nice man with very hot stubble.

  13. Phill

    Allot say uniform is the thing, I know this is an old post but I am bumping it with the power of well… Bumping. My question is, what about a military uniform? Say Army for example (I mean just plain old khaki uniforms).

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