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Naked Protesters

Nothing says protest like a little T and A. I jest, but actually it’s a dandy way to procure some prime time media attention. Second only to flipping some cars and firebombing the local McDonalds.

Naked Protesters & Nude Activists (worksafe only if you work for Greenpeace) serves the laudable purpose of capturing these demonstrators in the altogether. This trend was recently buoyed by a number of groups protesting the war in Iraq by using their naked bodies to spell out words. The most famous of these was a group of women at my favourite spot in New York, the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. They spelled out No Bush (pretty safe for work). If you look at the wallpaper-sized version (slightly less safe for work), you’ll see that they’re, uh, not as advertised. Regardless, their politics are to be applauded. This page also features a bevy of other words-spelled-by-protesting-naked-folks.

When this photo first appear, I thought it was so lovely I actually PhotoShopped those women out of it. It’s a gorgeous shot of the fountain by iteself. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to locate that photo at the moment.

Here are some other naked protestor sites, all of which are not particularly work safe:

Further investigation located a local group, should any of my Vancouver readers care to volunteer for nudetesting. I just made that word up. How about civil buffobedience?