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Achetez Rien Demain!

  Apologies for the lousy, lousy French. Tomorrow is Buy
Nothing Day
. This won’t be a problem for me, as I work from home and,
you know, rarely leave the seven foot square cave that is my office. Buy Nothing
Day is brought to you locally by the tireless people at Ad
Busters magazine
. They’re providing posters,
web banners,
or stickers
to anybody who’s keen to do a litle cultural-busting. I wish I’d known about
their Christmas
Gift Exemption Voucher
before pitching the family about my all-charitable
donation, no-gift Christmas concept
. I might have caught less grief.

3 Responses to “Achetez Rien Demain!”

  1. Marty

    My husband and I definitely participated in Buy Nothing Day. We have also announced that we do NOT want to exchange Christmas presents this year….the silence has been deafening.

  2. Rog

    I wish they’d move it to another day. November 28th is my roomie’s birthday.

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