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Best Ear Plugs Ever

The always fascinating Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools discusses top-end ear plugs:

Until then, I’ve settled on cheap, high-quality disposable earplugs by Howard Leight. I use their “MAX” model, with an NRR rating of 33, the highest I’ve been able to find; the higher the NRR rating, the more sound they block. I’ve tried every kind of earplug, from balls of silicon to wax and cotton and these work best for me. I buy my earplugs from here. It’s amazing to me to learn that there is an “Earplug Superstore” in this world, but there you go.

I developed an affection for earplugs while living in Dublin. For a year we lived in a great apartment on the North quays. The only problem was that there are (until that frickin’ tunnel gets finished) many, many trucks who use the North quays. So I embraced the ear plugs to sleep through the early-morning truck noise.

A while back, I sent Kevin a review of the iTrip. I recently got this nice note from him:

You wrote at least one cool tool review for me in the past few years. I’ve just taken all those reviews and I put the best of them into a
nifty book which I self published. It’s in color, perfect bound, and
I only printed 200 copies of it. I’d love to mail you one copy before
I run out of them.

Way to pay it forward, Kevin.

2 Responses to “Best Ear Plugs Ever”

  1. harp

    I’d recommend going to your ear doctor and getting your ears fitted for musician’s earplugs if you’re really serious about it…they’re custom fitted to your inner ear and will set you back $125 or so, but if you’re in need of plugs pretty often (if you play the drums, go to loads of gigs) I’d recommend them. Just don’t lose them, ever.

  2. Herb

    Musician’s plugs are great, I have a pair of 25db ones. But since they cut evenly across the spectrum, unless you are doing something musical, there will be way too much top end getting through. Regular plugs cut out much more sound, good when you’re looking to sleep or crank up the skillsaw, but not so great to catch nuances in a live show.

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