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Born to Hand Jive, Baby

I have an acquiantance who is a hand model. She apparently has the smallest hands of all the adult hand models in the city. And, indeed, her hands are tiny and lovely. So, she mostly models toys. She tells fascinating stories of life on hand model shoots, including how they often fly hand models up from LA to do some of the work. One of them is a ten-year veteran! Surely her hands are a little old for the children’s set, aren’t they?

Has anybody else modelled anything interesting? Feet? Navels?

Her latest shoot featured (and I’m not making this up) Flavas from Mattel, the makers of Barbie. They’re scantily-clad tarts with the hizzy in the schizzy, the bling-bling, and all that other bollocks:

Flava, according to “Hip Hoptionary: The Dictionary of Hip Hop Terminology” by Alonzo Westbrook, means personal flavor or style. With
the introduction of Flavas (pronounced FLAY-vuhz), the first reality-based fashion doll brand that celebrates today’s teen culture through authentic style, attitude and values Mattel has created a hot hip-hop themed line that allows girls to express their own personal flava.

Flavas embraces the highly-popular hip-hop trend with breakthrough concepts never seen before in the older girl toy market. Flavas also represents several other firsts in the doll aisle. Just like real teens, Flavas reflects true individuality through a variety of sizes, face sculpts and styles unique to each character within the line.

3 Responses to “Born to Hand Jive, Baby”

  1. Mel

    Just what we need. Little girls and boys strutting around saying things like “fo shizzle ma nizzle”. Why can’t kids just be kids, and play with My Little Ponies and stuff?!

    The world is going to hell.

  2. Joan

    Oh yeah, the hand model thing. I know a grown woman here in Toronto that still does kid products. The client gets the little hands without having to deal with an actual child. Wow.

    Body part models can also do union or non-union jobs, working both sides if they like (as long as they don’t get caught).

    I know of some models who do underwear only, and are used only from the neck down so-to-speak.

    Nice legs, shame about the…

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