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Digital Girl

  Ever since seeing those deeply mediocre movies Final
Fantasy: The Spirits Within
and S1m0ne,
I’ve been curious about the potential of photo-realistic computer animation.
How long will it be before we are unable to discern real people from synthespians?
Regardless, the exotically-named Alceu Baptistao has created a pretty convincing
digital girl named Kaya. Well, the stills are great. The movies are a little dodgier. Still, we’re getting closer.

2 Responses to “Digital Girl”

  1. Andy

    You asked how long before we can no longer tell the difference between real people and cg creations – I’d give it another 3 months..tops.

  2. Ryan

    I love how in the movie “Simone” was destroyed by a virus uploaded on a 5.25″ disk. You don’t see many of those nowadays!

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