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Dispensing with Old Clothing Samples

My aunt is Shaneen Huxham, a New York fashion designer of some repute. She designs gloves and handbags, mostly. She has a few samples from last year’s collections which she has neither the time nor the inclination to sell. So, my sister Lynsey, who was recently in New York, offered to do it for her.

Because of market forces and the exclusive tastes of her glitterati clients, Shaneen can’t sell the stuff in New York, so Lynsey’s thinking of selling it out here in Vancouver. How would you recommend selling it? We’ve come up with several options:

  • Consignment stores: A good option, though labour intensive.
  • eBay: Less work, but you could probably only sell a few items at a time for fear of saturating the market.
  • Flea markets: A possibility, but how much does one expect to pay at flea markets? Where are the flea markets in Vancouver?

What do you think of those options? Any other thoughts?

12 Responses to “Dispensing with Old Clothing Samples”

  1. harp

    consignment would be the most profitable way to go. But aren’t there companies who’ll buy your stuff to distribute to stores? My old landlord made wine glasses and I think she did something similar…

    either that, or going directly to department stores could be a good idea if her stuff would fly there. It could go to all the chain stores of say, the Bay or whatever.

  2. Sue

    I would say consignment stores are your best bet, too. There are a few “upscale” consignments that will likely take the whole shebang and give you a decent rate.

    There’s also a store in Yaletown, on Mainland across the street from the Yaletown Market and Subway, that does designer samples etc. You might try to see if they’ll take them, given as they’re fairly upscale items.

    Good luck!

  3. Rob

    Mr. Barefoot – I’ll call you when I’m back from LA, but depending on how many and the price point, I know some people that you could talk to.

  4. Richard

    If Lynsey has the time, she should try showing them to some local Women’s clothing/accessories shops on Robson St. and the malls (Aritzia comes to mind, also A-wear).

  5. jenny

    Word of mouth! Anyone who is anyone hates having the same as anyone else.. I’d pay top dollar for an exclusive bag I know no one else in town will have.

  6. Lynsey

    All very good ideas. Thank you. consignment might be the way to go I agree. What are these “upscale” consignment stores?

    Rob…sounds like you are doing a drug deal!

    The problem with retail shops is that these are samples and they have to take what they get…can’t pick colours or sizes. But might be worth a try anyway….Thanks Richard.

  7. Sue

    Upscale consignment stores – one’s called Bon Retour, on Broadway (at Spruce I believe). They only take designer items. A breeze through the Yellow Pages will undoubtedly uncover more.

  8. Imo

    Deluxe Junk is another. I think Shaneen’s gloves would do really well there -hmm well I don’t know if they sell gloves -but it’s worth asking…

  9. Steve Forsyth

    1) Donate them to deserving tax-exempt organizations, such as theatres, and take exemption .(Not sure how this would work in Canada.)
    2) Market them to producers of films, TV commercials, print advertising, etc.
    3) (Really ambitious) Start your own mail-order business, in cooperation with a number of people in this quandry, and limit distribution by region, or some such.

  10. Richard

    That’s how Phil Knight (Nike) started out, selling track shoes out of his car to college atheletes.
    Huxham…just bag it.

  11. Imo

    hmmm lyns -that nike guy did pretty well -I think that is some sage advice from kevie. oh. but you need a car. Maybe you can use the Jimmy? ;)

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