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Miss Digital World

You know, it’s a good thing that I never got into 3-D computer animation, or I’d be a bigger geek than I already am. Now that the technology is available at the consumer level, I can see the temptation to build oneself the perfect digital woman or man. The Miss Digital World contest only encourages this sort of thing:

Miss Digital World is the first ever virtual beauty contest, strictly for the most beautiful and intriguing virtual models made using the most advanced 3D graphics tools. Miss Digital World is aimed at digital artists, advertising agencies, cinema production companies and videogame programmers who have created famous (or even not so famous) virtual models, following the success of videogame heroines such as Lara Croft, digital anchorwomen like Ananova and cloned actors, as in the third Matrix film.

There’s even a market for rendered synthespians (because a number of the virtual models are naked, not safe for work). For example, check out the hirsute and well-hung Eddie or Victoria and her cut-off jeans. It’s all a bit creepy, but the texturing is pretty amazing.