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More Travel Sites

A couple of weeks ago I provided a list of interesting travel sites. Here’s a couple more that I’ve recently discovered:

  • Hotel Chatter appears to be a weblog about hotels. It’s an admirable project, but surely a database-oriented site would make more sense for comments about hotels?
  • I’ve mentioned this one before, but GeekTels lists the tech specs for hotels around the globe. You can learn here, for example, that Vancouver’s Opus Hotel has ‘Guest-Tek high-speed Internet access available in guest rooms and meeting rooms.’ Geek-built sites are always usually a joy to use–no Flashly Flashness, no fuss, no muss, just the facts, ma’am.
  • This guy’s first experience in a Japanese capsule hotel.
  • Wikitravel. Read about a place, add information about a place. I learned that Carrauntoohil is the highest point in Ireland, at a towering 1041 meters. WikiTravel assures me that it “is a real mountain.” Somebody’s got a complex.