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The British Love Lists

While in Ireland, I couldn’t turn on the BBC (I know, they got the Beeb…it’s a whole love/hate thing between Ireland and England) without seeing a show based around some survey or list. Inevitably, if these lists had an international flavour, they’d always be ridiculously British-centric. So, it was no surprise that this Guardian article about the world’s 40 best directors has two Brits in the top fifteen. C’mon, people, British cinema is about as influential as Inuit hula dancing. The top five:

1. David Lynch
2. Martin Scorsese
3. Joel and Ethan Coen
4. Steven Soderbergh
5. Terrence Malick

And Malick at #5? The man has directed one film in the past 25 years! And those poncey Brits seem to have snubbed Steven Spielberg. Just because he’s made billions of dollars doesn’t mean he’s not an effective artist. But no, they had to put the world’s most boring director, Lynne Ramsay at #12.

4 Responses to “The British Love Lists”

  1. Joan

    Lynch is number one? Sad list in my overblown opinion.

    British film was terribly influencial to me growing up, and still is (I am not a pro-Brit type politically). I like the fact that most British actors can Actually Act. Besides the general wit of the Brits, there is also the refreshing characteristic of not having everyone looking perfectly airbrushed.

  2. Darren

    I should clarify…British actors are typically among the best English-speaking actors in the world. They’re usually classically trained, and have a proficiency that exceeds the average North American.

    However, British directors aren’t quite so winning.

  3. David Shipp

    Do not confuse British media with British people themselves. Not all Brits love lists. I certainly do not – in fact these Top 40 shows and articles really do annoy me. And it is equally annoying to hear that people are making the assumption that because our TV stations are flooded with such shows (those and “reality TV” shows) that we must all love their subject matter. When visiting Boston, USA, I was amazed by the frequency of adverts on their TV stations, but I did not conclude that all Americans must love adverts.

    Give us Brits some credit. And we are certainly not all as “poncey” as the Guardian’s journalists.

    I also think you have underestimated the influence of British cinema, and I suggest to you that a similar list created in the US would be far more US orientated than the list you read in the Guardian was British orientated.

  4. Darren

    You’re quite right, I do overstate things somewhat.

    Maybe you can comment on how, when voting for history’s greatest Briton on the BBC, Isambard Kingdom Brunel placed second. What’s with that?

    Though, in truth, I think (North) Americans do love the advertising.

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