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A Web Design Breakthrough

I’m a self-taught, poor man’s Web designer. It’s not really a core function of our business, but a lot of clients want me to maintain or modify their Web sites. Regardless of what we’re doing for a client, they always seem to ask: “do you guys do Web design?” Occasionally, I build a new site from scratch.

Generally, though, I’ve never pitched myself as a Web designer, and haven’t had much faith in the design abilities. I’ve been doing more and more of it, though, and lately I think I’ve reached some kind of critical mass of experience. I’m finally at a point where I’m pretty happy with my work, and I think it’s now in the same ballpark (way up in the nose bleeds, but at least in the same ballpark) as other designers.

Not to blow my own horn, but it’s been rare in my life that I’ve needed to practice something a lot before I became at least competent at it. Design has been a humbling exception. As has learning to play music, come to think of it.

This observation was precipitated by, among other projects, this front page re-design (mostly the big green banner in the middle).

3 Responses to “A Web Design Breakthrough”

  1. <-------- fish

    Potty training can take a while… especially for boys. The great thing though, is you don’t care, so it can’t be a humbling exception (like web design.)

  2. <---------------- fish (back)

    Women. Especially the most important one in your life. That can be a humbling exception towards competency. (Had to come back and post that.)

  3. Meghan

    It’s got to be worth fighting for …otherwise why do it? The constant “show me something I haven’t seen” balanced by the “comfort of home”… ah… there’s the fit…

    Anyway, you’re always great at anything you set your mind on, and I am glad you’re happy with this achievment.

    I am a posting fiend today …perhaps I’ll go stalk some of your “regularly read” blogs…

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