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Christmas Gifts, One Last Time

Regular readers will recall that I’m planning a whole gift-free, donate-to-charity Christmas this year. Without going into the dirty details, my siblings embraced this idea, while my parents, parents-in-law and grandparents were at best nonplussed and at worst furious. I still don’t quite understand their reactions, but this Globe and Mail article about a giftless Christmas certainly shed some light on the subject:

But some admit that their loved ones don’t get what they’re doing — or like it…Donna Stewart, of North Vancouver, says she has “just about given up” on going giftless. One family member didn’t speak to her for almost a year, she says, after she tried giving charitable donations in lieu of presents. “Some people see it as a rebuke — I care more about other people than I do about them. Or I don’t trust them to give for themselves.”

I wish I’d known about–I might have devised a better way to approach my family. The site has a pretty Christian bent, but hey, it’s a Christian holiday. I particularly like this banner ad:

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  1. Darren

    What, I can’t claim Julie’s grandparents as mine? I suppose I should have written the very awkward grandparents-in-law?

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