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I Got Almost Nothing for Christmas

This is hopefully the last time I mention this subject for at least 11 months. As you may recall, I sent an email to my friends and relatives that read as follows:

As some of you know, I’ve been doing some thinking recently about Christmas gifts. The truth is, I’ve got everything I need. Furthermore, I can’t speak for everyone, but I find Christmas shopping a pretty heinous experience.

So, this year, here’s what I propose: If you haven’t already bought me a Christmas present, please take whatever money you were going to spend on me and donate it to my charity of choice, the David Suzuki Foundation. If nobody minds, I’d like to do likewise for the charity of your choice. Please let me know what that charity is, and I’ll start writing cheques. Merry Christmas!

Unexpectedly, I caught plenty of flak for this from the older generation. However, I’m pleased to report that (aside from a cool vintage movie poster from my wife), I walked away from most Christmas gatherings with only a stack of cards to show for it. Likewise, most of the people on my list picked charities for me to give to. They ranged from Botswanan bushmen to the Salvation Army. Nice one.

4 Responses to “I Got Almost Nothing for Christmas”

  1. Jessica

    If I recieved that email from a family member I would be totally appaled. Number 1:) What if I wasent even planning to get you a gift at ALL? How awkward and rude would that email be?? Number 2:) What if I had already picked out something that I was proud of? After that email I would be pretty taken aback at the wholly rudeness of it.

    Who sends an email out like that anyways? Its very…how do you say…pretentious? Self-Serving? Demanding? Rude? Arrogant? I mean sure, you want to donate to a charity…great…good for you. But think about the hoardes of family members that you are disrespecting in the process. Shame Shame….

  2. Jeff

    I don’t actually. I think it is a good idea. It is not pretentious, rude or arrogant. What it probably is most is truthful. The only issue would be the timing of the letter. It needs to be sent out in early to late November.

    There are better things to do with money than waste it on gifts for the Christmas season. One can actually enjoy the holidays and not get a bunch of so-called “stuff”… most of which one will find lacking only a few days after the end of the holiday season (if not before).

    If I got an email from someone that I was not planning to get a gift for I would either disregard it or think seriously about giving to a local chapter of a select organization.

  3. Kurt

    The Botswanan bushmen?

    What sort of TV raised, lemming-like left wing brainwashed creature are you?

    And I bet you felt smug writing this despicable liltingly PC post…

    shoot yourself already

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