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My life suddenly Seems to Have Purpose

Todd made this exceptional find this morning: a text adventure game based on Hamlet. Back in our youth, while Todd played Vampyre on his Commodore 64, I played Zork 3 and a host of other games from Infocom on my IBM PC. In fact, I wrote an article about those games for a now defunct computer newspaper.

“Hey Dad,” I say cheerily. “What’s up?”
“Hamlet,” says the old man after a sigh, “you remember how I was found mysteriously dead in the orchard a couple of weeks back? Well… it’s like this. Your uncle Claudius poisoned me so he could become king and marry your mother. I’d be awfully grateful if you could kill him for me.”
“All right,” I say, “I’ll do it!”
My life suddenly seems to have purpose.

Sweetness. You can even save–the game writes a cookie to your computer. My only complaint is that it’s written in the first person. Traditionally, these games are written in the second person.