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The Weekend of Hedonism Begins

Excepting Calgary (and that was on business, so it hardly counts), I haven’t left Greater Vancouver for nine months. While this was a refreshing change of pace from our one-trip-a-month routine in Europe, I’m pleased that it’s coming to an end. After attending what promises to be an excellent hockey game against the Avalanche tonight, Julie and I head off for a couple of nights in Tofino at the fantabulous Wickaninnish Inn. Despite the suggestive URL, there will be no pagan rituals.

Tofino and the area that surrounds it is my favourite natural place in the world. It has glorious beauty, and is still relatively unspoiled. My Mom always said that it was the one place that I seemed to have a spiritual connection with.

Due to the recent ferry fracas, we’ll be flying to Nanaimo and renting a car. We don’t have plans to get home, but we’re optimistic that the unions will be fired and replaced back to work by then.

4 Responses to “The Weekend of Hedonism Begins”

  1. d

    i LOVED my stay at the wickaninnish. it’s gorgeous and beautiful and i took the most amazing photos there.


  2. Meghan

    Ah. Tofino. I am (also) jealous. That’s where I plan to build my cabin… well as cabin-like as I get. I hope you get a wicked storm to watch. The Wick Inn is so pricey, so you’ll have to tell me if it is worth the $$! The new long beach lodge is supposedly beautiful as well (Simon has checked it out).


  3. alan

    I LOVE Tofino! I’ve been there twice, and the last time I went, I visited the Wikaninnish and went to their spa. *HEAVEN* Imagine a hot stone massage while laying there facing out to the Pacific Ocean. Not that that’s what I had done but just imagine it.

    Hope there’s giant storms brewing for you to watch, that’ll be so romantic! I walked out along the beach during a crazy storm and found all these sand dollars washed up on the sand. I remember the ocean, the darkness, the thundering noise… it was all so overwhelming and big. have a great time!

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