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One of the things that the Internet does best is offer sites that store information about you. These sites, whether they’re Book Crossing or YMDB, are engaging and enjoy longevity because the content is generated by many users, instead of one or two over-worked people prone to burnout.

The latest one I’ve discovered is TravelPod, with the dubious tagline “the stuff eTravelogues are made of…” (why the elipses?). It’s an excellent idea–a central clearing house for people who want to post their travel diaries and photos online and enable others to access them. For example, my old friend Julie is traveling to Australia with her husband and two children.

Of course, this is pretty much what a weblog will do for you. However, there is value in having all of this information in a central repository. For example, I’m going to South Africa next spring. Here are 27 first-person accounts of travels within that country. Collectively, they’ll provide a pretty unique perspective.