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A Grow Op to Shame BC

I saw this on the news last night, but Jay Currie conveniently links to an article about the biggest marijuana bust in provincial history. Using a abandoned Molson brewery near Barrie, the operation was complete with an employee lounge and bunkhouse:

Police said “thousands and thousands” of hydroponically grown marijuana plants were found in the huge, three-storey building that’s a landmark for motorists driving Highway 400. Ten people were arrested, and police said they expect charges to be laid within days. The early morning raid involved more than 100 officers from the Huronia Combined Forces Drug Unit, who spent hours searching with dogs for weapons, drugs, and possible suspects hiding inside.

I wonder if they offered employee benefits too?

2 Responses to “A Grow Op to Shame BC”

  1. Mel

    See, if they were smart, the government would just take this over, to replace Flin Flon.

  2. Dude

    Yeah, a guy I know had medical MJ from Flin Flon and he got really sick after smoking it, but the doctors couldnt say weather the MJ had caused it… Nasty stuff..

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