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Amazon’s 800 Number

For my American readers: Apparently you won’t find this number on their Web site, but Kevin Kelly has located this semi-secret number for a real human at Amazon customer support: 800-201-7575.

UPDATE: Champ asked if there was a contect number for Amazon Canada. A quick search brought me to this page, which indicates that the 7575 number is good for US and Canada. I stand corrected. That page led me to this page, which seems to be the bitter center of the Amazon customer service number universe.

3 Responses to “Amazon’s 800 Number”

  1. David

    Unfortunately I have no (free) access to this number from Germany and Amazon in Germany does not have a freecall-number, just an expensive 01805 (costs about 10cents a minute which is as much as 6 times! as much as a long distance call costs here and they don’t provide a “normal” phone-number so you have to pay those high rates – they are even getting money this way if you call them for support – a totally lack of support in Germany, but that’s unfortunately also usual here – Germany is a “service desert” mostly) – but I’m continously looking – maybe some day they are registering a free call number in Germany as well (even if I don’t think so). Greetings David.

    PS: Please don’t be angry about my english, it’s not my native language, thanks.

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