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Beacoup du Technical Writing Resources

Docsymmetry has a whole shwack of writing and resources about technical writing. She’s (and I know she’s a she, because we exchanged emails, but I can’t find them now–technology fails us so often) got tips on wide range of topics, including how to get a job without any experience:

  • Join the STC
  • Create an Error-Free CV
  • Write Grammatically
  • All of Your Writing Experience Counts
  • Know Thy Software

She ignores a common and effective strategy: complete an internship. That’s how I got into the industry, completing a two-month internship with Radical Entertainment. On the final day of my internship, Radical laid off 40 people. So, the odds were slim of my getting a job. Fortunately, a couple of weeks later, (and, no doubt, to his eventual despair) Todd hired me at MPS Development.

The internship trick works in most fields. If you can afford little or no salary for a couple of months, it’s an excellent way to get your proverbial foot in the door and demonstrate your worth to a company.