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Belinda Stronach and the Ferengi

As you may know, auto parts magnate Belinda Stronach has declared her intent to run for the leadership of this newfangled Conservative Party of Canada. However, as I understand it (which, in truth, is not all that well), Stephen Harper is more or less a shoe-in for the party leader. This is too bad, for, as Rick Mercer pointed out last night, times are tough when Harper is the most charismatic person available for the job.

As I understand it, Stronach’s politics are far more centrist than Harper’s. Combine this with her youth, gender and freshness, and she’s really the only candidate that would make me consider supporting the Conservative Party in the next election. That’s not a likely scenario, but with Harper at the helm, you can forget about it.

This entry’s title refers to this entertaining post on All things Canadian, which speculates about a cyber-squatter’s Ferengian (Ferengiesque? Ferengite?) approach.

5 Responses to “Belinda Stronach and the Ferengi”

  1. Meghan

    Steven Harper is not a shoe in! They’d lose too many of us soft Conservatives. No, this new party is out with the old, otherwise we’ll be stuck with the Liberals for another 4 years.

  2. Todd

    She’s certainly the most interesting of the candidates, and from what I heard of her press converence this morning she handles herself very well with reporters. Too bad her website,, looks like a Pier-1 e-store or something just as blech. Just the same, I wish her luck over Harper the somnabulist.

    I so wish Kim Campbell would come back to national politics.

  3. Jeff

    Darren – I sincerely hope you don’t mind – I invited you to join the Conservative party – if only to vote for Belinda as leader.

  4. Darren

    No, I don’t mind. I’ve got to give that some thought. At this point, it’s unclear to me how much of the new Conservative party is old-Alliance and how much is old-PC. If it’s more the former, then there’s little chance of my support. If it’s more the latter, than I’ll certainly consider them.

  5. Jeff

    Well to be honest; I loath many of the alliance party MPs. This is especially true for those in my part of the country. My decision to sign on as a member of the new conservative party is pure pragmatism – I like Belinda and suspect she will do more good than the other two. If I can help get her in as next leader of the opposition, I will.
    My vote in the federal election is still more likely to go to the NDP or the Liberals. :)

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