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Dating and the Shopping Theory

Over at Bunniblog, there’s an entertaining essay on how women (particularly those over 25) date:

Women date the way men shop for shoes. When a man goes shoe shopping, he knows exactly what he wants. He knows the size, the style. He knows what he wants it for ( sports, casual, work). Some men know what they want so specifically that when their old shoes wear out, they order the exact same style and size online. Men know what they want, exactly, when it comes to shoes, and that is all they want. No innovation, no discovery, no surprise. Men can’t handle that whole woman thing of “Oh they look like they have nice shoes, so I thought I would just walk around and take a look and see if they have anything I want.”

Women date in the same manner, particularly women over the age of 25. No woman goes into a date with a “Hmmm wonder if I’ll find anything here since the window looks so nice” approach. I gotta spend time picking an outfit, doing hair, make up, suffering through high heels and a push up bra sometimes even a tight skirt-yeah you’re damn right I go in with an expectation, with a goal. If I was just “window shopping”, I wouldn’t bother wasting half my day modeling ensembles for my cat.

I had no idea. Well, I had some idea. Still, it’s refreshing that men and women can think alike, if about different things.

3 Responses to “Dating and the Shopping Theory”

  1. bree

    It’s a generational thing, or at least a maturity thing. When I date, I have very few initial expectations, but those I have are solid. But it’s totally a girly shopping experience, a browsing, considering kind of thing. I recently had this conversation with a divorced woman in my office who’s in her early thirties (I think) and she had exactly the attitude Bunniblog talks about.

  2. ken

    ” If I was just ‘window shopping,’ I wouldn’t bother wasting half my day modeling ensembles for my cat.”

    Do men demand that, or do women put the primp-to-the-max requirement on themselves? If there was less prep, would the whole dating process be less stressful and goal-oriented?

  3. Mel

    I can’t help thinking that some men date the same way a lot of women shop for shoes, too ;)

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