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Goal of the Year and a Hockey-Related Pet Peeve

Last night, I watched the desultory Canucks get beaten by the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, who simply wanted to win more. The one goal we did score was an unlikely, end-to-end, stand-up-in-your-seats goal (temporary MPG file) from Henrik Sedin.

Though many rose from their seats as he scored, I, being difficult to impress, did not. This is unfortunate, because the guy behind me shot out of his seat and sloshed a wave of cold beer onto my head. It was as refreshing as the goal, I suppose.

That same guy, who apologized extensively for his lack of beer-control, illustrated one of my hockey pet peeves. In his running commentary of the game (a pet peeve in itself), he only referred to the Canucks by the nicknames that their fellow players use:

“C’mon Nazzy. Shoot, Bert, shoot! Hussle up there, Sopes! That’s a nice save from Clouts!”

For the hockey ignorant, those players are Naslund, Bertuzzi, Sopel and Cloutier.

This highlights the strange, personal affection fans have for employees of Orca Bay Sports, Inc. After all, it’s not like the guy behind me golfs with Trevor Linden or carpools with Mattias Ohlund. He’s probably never met them. His use of nicknames suggests an unhealthy belief that he’s familiar to these players when clearly he’s not. It’s bizarre.

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  1. Mel

    Chris and I were also at the game, and found it thoroughly uninspiring (except for the Sedin goal). We also were surrounded by annoying fans – one woman who screamed every time something “exciting” happened (and we could’ve sworn there was a small poodle sitting behind us), and another who talked incessantly, asking her husband “Who’s number 32?” “What does icing mean?”. And of course, there were those who yelled at the players as if they could actually hear them – calling them by their pet names, etc.

    Not that this is enough to stop me from going to hockey games…

  2. Heather

    I knew three out of four hockey nicknames…not too bad :) Mel – I watched the last few minutes of that game on TV – do you think I could’ve seen you?

  3. harp

    is this the same Canucks? I went a few times last season and it was a morgue, nobody was displaying any passion. Other than clapping along with the organist and “Go Canucks Go” I heard nothing, and saw nobody getting off their seats…

    I saw a Vancouver/Calgary game that was 2-2 and was going into extra time (overtime?) and the aisles were packed with people leaving the place! I got up and yelled at them to sit down and watch and they thought I was picking a fight. Idiots.

  4. Sue

    I’ve heard “Nazzy” and “Clouts” but… “Sopes” ?? That’s taking it a little far.

    I confess that I am one of those annoying hockey fans that yells at the players even though they can’t hear me (usually because I’m on the other side of the TV broadcast system). I almost want to say, “it’s not my fault: I’m Canadian.” That’s hardly an excuse though, I know.

  5. Painkiller

    Being a HUGE Vancouver fan for 22 years… yes that long… I may not know them.. but I have served them.. in Calgary when they came to play against the Flames, in a gift shop at the hotel they stay at. Seeing them wonder around in their Armani suits talking to them as they look through magazines, watching the Sedin twins come in together to get a water, or have Bertuzzi (if my memory is correct)buy some smokless Tobacco. Does that give me a right to give them nicknames? I think it would….

    Post note. I went to the Vancouver vs. L.A. game on the 22nd of Dec when I came to BC for a visit, and the fans there are WAY different then the fans in Calgary. Vancouver fans are all there sold out every game cheering for the Canucks with the occasional visitor crowd and the only way Calgary gets to sell out the Saddledome, is by having a good team come to play, then the crowd is split 50/50 with fans on either side. Vancouver and Edmonton are the two biggest visitor fan based crowds around.

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