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Hello, My Tiny, Winged Precious

In addition to having one of the most attractive personal sites I’ve seen, Raymond takes awesome photos, mostly of insects. He’s just converted a bunch of his photos into desktop wallpaper. Frankly, they don’t compare with the wicked wallpaper I made a while back, but they’re still pretty cool.

5 Responses to “Hello, My Tiny, Winged Precious”

  1. Sean

    Not that you aren’t cute, but Ray’s humping beetles are hard to top. :-p~~

  2. Ray

    Thanks for the link Darren. Ignore Sean, he’s got some kind of thing for my humping beetles. I’m not sure what it is. Some kinda weird fetish.

  3. Sean

    Hey, I’m not the one spending all day taking pictures of humping insects. ;-)

  4. Ray

    I’m not the one flipping thru them. You want me to make you an animated gif?

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