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Link Round-Up: Bookmark Dreck

I’ve got way too many bookmarks kicking around, so here’s a bit of a themeless core dump:

  • The man really loathes our nation. "Reason #24: Their self-appraisal that they are A polite people". How unpleasant. I may have to write him a stern but carefully-worded letter. I also like the rating system on the Movie Ruiner (predictably, spoilers ahead) page.
  • The lovely and fascinating Matchbook Museum.
  • Finally, a handy spot for all my sexual consent form needs.
  • Find your Christian soul mate. I mostly cite this page to highlight it’s lame slogan: "intelligent matching for compatible couples". Gosh, that sounds like fun.
  • Movie credits are getting kind of lengthy.
  • URL of the week: Yes, it’s safe for work (though there’s kind of a suggestive photo of a tornado on the home page). It’s all about storm-chasing.
  • Are these a great idea or just plain stupid? I’m perplexed.
  • A wonderful, simple, addictive game. It’s a downloadable EXE, but it’s worth it. It’s
    what you’d get if Da Vinci built Pong 2.0 in 1981.

5 Responses to “Link Round-Up: Bookmark Dreck”

  1. Dan

    Endless Pools are great. I’ve gotten to use them a couple of times while traveling. They save space and water usage but allow a full swimming workout without having to turn.

  2. Darren

    I hadn’t thought of the whole no-turning angle. I never learned to do those nifty somersault turns, so in our abbreviated apartment pool I spend half my time turning around.

  3. Heather

    The mini-pool deals are also graet for people who need them for physical therapy.

  4. Todd

    I tried to find my christian soul mate, but after answering 20 questions it said I was only 10% done! Whew – finding the right person *is* hard.

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