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Movies by Mail

Netflix is a popular service that enables you rent DVDs by mail. I first read about it about a year ago in Wired magazine. They’re being threatened by brick-and-morter rental shops like Blockbuster and DVD sellers like Walmart. One proposed insurance policy to help them survive from this CNN article is getting into porn.

Regardless of your cinematic tastes, Netflix is a USA-only affair. If you leave north of the 49th and want to rent movies by mail–a likely scenario, given the holy place in the reliquary that the Sears catalog has in Canadian culture–Alan offers these alternatives:

Movies For Me
DVD Rental
Cinema Flow (a dubious name, if there ever was one)

Personally, I don’t rent a lot of DVDs, so this isn’t for me. Mind you, if I ever live on that remote island paradise, then these could become lifelines to the civilized world.

2 Responses to “Movies by Mail”

  1. Sue

    “threatened by” brick and mortar shops? that would imply that the internet rental services were around before the corner movie rental shop.

  2. Darren

    Sorry, I didn’t make it clear that these companies–Blockbuster and Walmart–are moving into the online movie rental space. DB.

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