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My Lousiest Songs

I’m in a list kind of mood today. My MP3-playing app du jour, iTunes, encourages you to rank your songs. You assign one to five stars to each track (I do this about 40% of the time, as I’m listening to each song). This enables you to generate optimized playlist of, say, your favourite jazz songs.

It also enables you to generate lists of the crappiest songs you own. I’ve got about 3500 songs, so there are likely to be some duds. Here’s a little sampling of my least-favourite songs:

  1. Angels We Have Heard On High – Amy Grant
  2. America is Waiting (with Brian Eno) – David Byrne
  3. I Can’t Make You Love Me – George Michael
  4. Praying For Time – George Michael
  5. Scream If Ya Wanna Go Faster – Geri Halliwell
  6. Pieces of You – Jewel
  7. Angel Standing By – Jewel
  8. Amen – Jewel
  9. Satellite of Love – Milla Jovovich
  10. I Love You (BT Mix) – Sarah Maclachlan
  11. Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground – The White Stripes
  12. Not Such An Innocent Girl – Victoria Beckham

Should I feel shame for not deleting these? I suppose, but you never know when you’re going to need a couple of tracks by ex-Spice Girls.

5 Responses to “My Lousiest Songs”

  1. Rog

    Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground rocks yo.

    But then I think you want people to disagree with you sometimes. =P

  2. Darren

    You know, I wanted to like the White Stripes, but I just didn’t anything original or meaningful in their music. I suppose that’s a tall order these days, and it’s probably why I like very few new rock bands.

    Furthermore, the lead singer seems to have, how should I put this, a fleeting relationship with correct pitch.

  3. harp

    don’t ever see the Shite Stripes live…it’s unbearable, made me wish for something heavy to land on my head…

    Praying For Time didn’t date very well, but George Michael has a surprisingly fair amount of decent songs. The other one’s a Bonnie Raitt song, Prince did a weird cover of it. And Milla’s solo album is better than that one Milla track you have.

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