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On the Web Friendliness of the Conservative Candidates

Bree has an interesting entry on Ms. Stronach’s new blog. Despite Todd’s cutting (and accurate) comparison of her site to a ‘Pier-1 e-store’, she scores points for being the Web-friendliest candidate. Of course, when she’s competing with the awfully-Photoshopped image of Tony Clement and his MS Word (MS Word!) documents, it’s hardly fair.

I also applaud the mere modernity, directness and marketing-savvy of Belinda Stronach’s site. Compare it with Steven Harper’s top banner, which bravely attempts to encompass 9,984,670 square kilometres in 581 pixels. I see that was already taken. Thank goodness that guy doesn’t want to lead our nation.

7 Responses to “On the Web Friendliness of the Conservative Candidates”

  1. Mel

    I find it interesting that in the top banner Harper manages to nearly completely omit the prairies (what’s there is so obviously Alberta – what about the other two?). Isn’t that supposed to be where most of his support lies?

    Then again, maybe I’ve just answered my own question.

  2. Arjun

    I wonder how many little old ladies in Winnipeg are going to type in and get the shock of their lives. Also, has a blog but they are not displaying comments. Kinda misses half the point (or more)

  3. Andrew Spicer

    I thought Tony Clement had a chance until I saw that webpage. Geez! isn’t available. Whois says that it is controlled by an organization called

  4. Sue

    Belinda’s site kind of bugs me. If I was on a low-res screen, I wouldn’t see her content changing below her massive header. Aside from that, though, I applaud her guts in going for it, regardless of who is pulling the marionette strings (or not).

  5. Peter Ludwig

    Try to find Belinda and make the mistake to ue the wildcard .* dot star Whata smut approach we apparently need in Toront ? Despite the lessor quality I propose that we support him all-the-way. We know him locally, he is a decent fellow and he does not need the smutt supporters of Toronto’s and other inner city society

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