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The Monday Report

I just caught the second half of the premier of Rick Mercer’s new CBC show, the creatively-titled The Monday Report. The man who brought us Talking to Americans is back (he never really went away…just to Kabul), and funny as ever. I was laughing out-loud, a rarity for TV shows.

I particularly liked how he pointed out that power seekers go into provincial and federal politics, but crazy people go into municipial politics. Hence, the Who is Canada’s Craziest Mayor contest? I also liked the extremely Canadian Celebrity Winter Advice with Shirley Douglas and Torontonians equalizing all that SARS-related goodwill with explanations why their city is the best in the known universe.

7 Responses to “The Monday Report”

  1. Todd

    Woosh you’re quick on the review. I liked it too, with some reservations. But only small ones; I’m glad he’s back.

  2. Sue

    After watching a city council debate on local cable a while ago (I was unemployed, don’t ask if i had better things to do), I’d have to agree wholeheartedly. How those people get elected is a mystery. Maybe they’re smart when they start their campaigns but there’s something in the air in City Hall?

  3. harp

    what about people in municipal politics who go into federal politics?

  4. alexis

    God, I am so glad that there’s a mention of our new mayor, Don Atchinson. The guy is a loonie. First he wanted everyone who visits him in his office to put on a suit and tie. If you couldn’t do it, he had one waiting for you to borrow. Then he decided that we should get rid of all our buses, and replace them with smaller, more enviro buses with 24 service. Suffice it to say, this will never happen, because of time, and because a 24 bus service would never be feasible in Saskatoon.

    Mr. Atchinson also made the lovely racist comment that the former mayor lost because “he was too friendly with the natives.” This man is just an offensive comment and act waiting to happen. I don’t know who voted for him, because no one I know did.

  5. becky

    Mercer mentioned Atch when he came to town a couple months ago, with the Just for Laughs festival. I think Alexis’s assessment of our fine mayor is pretty dead-on.

    I was glad to see Mercer back, too. My admiration for him is relatively new-found, considering I only learned of him after moving up here. I love his accent. :)

  6. Jeff

    Atchison is not that bad! (mind you I never heard that comment about ‘too close’) I think he’s kind of nervous to be honest with you. And maybe a little slower. He gets high marks for trying. Saskatoon city council will hopefully get things done this term.

    Darren, how does it feel to have your website become a forum for your ancestral hometown?

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