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All Right, Orkutize Me

I’m caving, after getting LinkedIn,
joining the Tribe
and becoming just another Friendster,
I was just saying no to any more freakin’ social software experiments. However,
the collective babble about Orkut
has grown too loud, and the tiny devil whispering in my ear tells me that I must
partake (my Precious).

With the fear that usually accompanies the massive distribution of personal
information, I went to It turns out that they’re all cliquey,
and you have to be invited to get in. This is apparently the country club of
social software. Somebody invite me so that I can be among the social softwarati. My email address is darren at darrenbarefoot full-stop com.

2 Responses to “All Right, Orkutize Me”

  1. Dan

    I can send you an invite if you want, it’s really rather boring and I’m probably going to de-orkut myself soon.

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