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Carnival of the Canucks

Bonjour! La jour prochaine, je vais faire le Carnival de Canucks Bonjour, demain, je vais heberger le carnival des Canucks (thanks, Titi, apparently heberger means ‘to host’)…ah, forget it. I’m taking French lessons, but I’m still pretty much at the ‘du poulet, du cafe’ stage.

Tomorrow I’ll be hosting Carnival of the Canucks #8. The Carnival is a kind of showcase for Canadian webloggers, who can submit their favourite missives from the past week or two. If you’re a weblogger, or read an entertaining posting in the past couple of weeks, leave a comment or send it to me at darren AT darrenbarefoot FULL-STOP com.

2 Responses to “Carnival of the Canucks”

  1. TITI

    Bonjour, demain, je vais heberger le carnival des Canucks.

    Just to help you in your French lessons

  2. Martine

    One fun way to learn French is to read French language blogs! Good luck with your lessons!

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