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Go On, Believe the Hype

Donations to Flowers for Al and Don had been slowing down yesterday, but we still reached the US $10,000 mark (a mere $13,408.24 Canadian) yesterday afternoon. Then this Associated Press story appeared in, among other places, the New York Times (registration required, blah, blah, blah) and the Guardian. Since then, things have heated up. If only I didn’t have this darn day-job.

8 Responses to “Go On, Believe the Hype”

  1. :) Nicole

    Are the weddings still taking place? I love what you’re doing with the Flowers for Al and Don!! Kudos! May God bless you for thinking of others in this very special and trying time.

    :) Nicole

  2. Matt Clements

    Wow congratulations on the attention! That’s really awesome that you’ve been able to raise that much money (well you and everyone else who has contributed). I hope the total continues to rise!

  3. Lara

    Damn, man, it’s about time!!! I was wondering when the “media” would pick up on this! I share warm fuzzies with the rest of my fellow donors. So wonderful to know there are so many generous kind-hearted people in the world.

  4. Carmen from Albuquerque

    May your rewards be ten-fold for the kindness you’ve shown. I hope people are sitting up and taking notice that so many care.
    I do hope that any leftover money does go to Lambda Legal. They are a wonderful group and they have someone here in NM to help with those that were married at the Sandoval County Clerks office here on Feb 20th.
    May discrimination of all kinds be a thing of the past!

  5. Jenny

    My friend James had a similar site set up here in Denver for donations, but is now forwarding people to your website now that he’s found out how successful it is. I just want to say that no matter who is responsible for these acts of kindness, it’s a testiment to humankind in general that some people are so capable and sure of themselves as to express their support in such an extraordinary way. I just want to say thanks to everyone who is participating in this extraordinary event.

  6. Dorrene

    My new wife and I married yesterday and as we left the steps of the Rotunda, we were handed a beautiful bonquet. #08996 Thank you so much for the donations, it was a wonderful surprise. Thank you and best wishes, Dorrene and Pauline (we were on the Channel 5 6:00 news clip 2/25/04)

  7. Katrin from Hannover, Germany

    This is a very nice idea and I hope it’ll give strong support to the couples that have just gotten married. Also, in politically dark times like these, it is very good to see that there are people that do not buy into the anti-gay, anti-anything-that’s-different-from-our-narrow-interpretation-of-the-bible-propaganda in the United States. All the best to the couples that have gotten married, including New York.


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