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Holy Crap, Cathy’s Getting Married

I was shocked to read that the sour, self-obsessing spinster from the comics page is actually engaged. This is like Rex Morgan going postal and laying waste to the entire office with a shotgun. Cathy’s finally succumbed to Irving’s obvious charms (his round head, his out-turned flat feet) and answered positively when he finally popped the question. Given that the comic has apparently been running since 1976, it’s high time that it enjoyed, you know, some plot. Aack.

3 Responses to “Holy Crap, Cathy’s Getting Married”

  1. alan

    Wow, what with Barbie and Ken breaking up and now Cathy getting engaged, What is the world coming to???? It’s Armageddon I tell ya!

  2. Todd

    She’s a real catch too: man-obsessed, mother-dominated, compulsive shopper and eater. I bet they drag it out for 3 years of storylines about her fretting over her wedding dress size and so on. So empowering!

  3. M

    Good lord. My mother tells me about Cathy. She thinks it’s really cute to draw parallels with my life. What will she make of this?

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