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I’ll All Down with the Orkut

Here’s my pipe dream. All of these social software projects will merge into one meta-project, neatly merging all of our data and relationships. Of course, that will never happen.

This reminds me of Tim O’Reilly’s keynote speech at ETech. He covers what’s on his radar. None of it is particularly surprising, but they’re all interesting points. He’s got a nice broad perspective on social software and what he calls ‘second-order network effects’. It’s definitely worth a listen. IT Conversations is a great site, actually. No required registration, and plenty of fascinating speakers to listen to. I’ve taken to listening to a speech or interview while working out (assuming, of course, none of the asshats turn the stereo up to 11).

Thanks to those who invited me to Orkut. I’m all hooked up. If anybody not in Orkut wants in, I’m happy to return the favour. What we’ll do now isn’t apparent to me. Wait for the Orkut-killer to come along, I guess. Here’s a feature request for Orkut (and all the social networks)–I want a permanent, publically-accessable URL to my profile. Maybe I’ve got one and just haven’t found it yet?

4 Responses to “I’ll All Down with the Orkut”

  1. champ

    Hello Darren,

    I loved this IT Conversations site. That is one fine site. Thanks for sharing this. I think I have been visiting your site just about a year. Thanks to you, I have got to know so many sites.


  2. Rog

    I don’t think I ever want all social software to end up merged into one package. I think I prefer the way the web socializes, in smaller segments. It’s like,

    While I enjoy Orkut’s (and kudos to Friendster, which unless I’m mistaken should be where credit is due) weaving of friend-connections, plus the communities. The rest is as I expected, watered down features. A good argument for the old adage of doing one thing really well or a lot of things mediocre.

  3. richard

    I’v been toying with myself. Interesting bit of work in there. Haven’t seen Orkut, and not sure if I want to invite another clique of network attached humans into my life.

  4. Dave

    Thanks for pointing out IT Conversations for me. As a Computer Scientist it’s not only interesting but useful to me. I was amazed to find that all the content on the site is covered by a Creative Commons Licence – this truly is a gift from them.
    Actually I’ve been inspired to spread the word about IT Conversations even further – I’m going to broadcast a selection of the speachs on my radio show, on my student radio station, Radio Warwick.
    Thanks for setting the ball rolling!

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