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I’m Bullish on Gigli

A post by Pericat about Jodie Foster and Tusker reminded me that I was still holding 10,000 shares in that damn film. I refer here to my long-ignored Hollywood Stock Exchange account, where you can buy and sell stock in movies, actors and musicians. For movies, you try to buy well below what you think the box office income for the film will be.

My net worth is $4,191,803.89, I’m ranked 137,672nd and am up +74.66% since I started the thing years and years ago. I note that the lifetime leader on the site is up 213,040.78% and has a net worth of a little over $4.25 billion. I’ve got a ways to go to catch up.

A while back (like, eighteen months maybe), I bought really cheap shares in Tusker, Flora Plum and a likely-dead Tarantino project called KillShot. I see that Flora Plum is in pre-production, so I might cash in on that.

I’ve always thought that the HSX would be a fantastic way to teach young people about the stock exchange. They’re already comfortable with celebrities as commodities, so why not take the next step and actually buy and sell them?

Last year, the BBC launched a near-copy of the same idea called Celebdaq.