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Link Round-Up: Web Stuff

What are you doing working? Surely whatever you’re doing is less important
than randomly surfing the Web.

  • Gamasutra,
    the art and science of making games.
  • This is kind of creepy: your one-stop
    resource for female latex masks
    on the Internet. This page is fine, but
    some internal pages may be unsafe for work (and may cause surreal nightmares).
  • Interview
    with Ben Mezrich
    , the author of a book on how MIT students hack casinos.
    The Wired story
    where the book started is also an excellent read.
  • They changed the name of my favourite Mozilla browser again. It used to
    be Phoenix, then it became Firebird and with version 0.8, it’s Firefox. I just sent them a small donation for their excellent product–if you’re a long-term Mozilla user, I suggest that you do too.
  • A history of sex
    on film
    (safe but for a couple small, grainy shots of nude people). "The
    very first kiss on film was between a Victorian couple seen in the Edison
    kinetoscope The May Irwin Kiss (1896). This titillating short 20-second film
    was denounced as shocking and pornographic to early moviegoers and caused
    the Roman Catholic Church to call for censorship."