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Meme du Jour: My Ten Randomly-Selected Songs

As regular readers know, I love lists. To that end, I was pleased to read about this meme from Burnt Glass. You just set your digital music player to play ten songs at random from your entire collection. Then you report what gets played, no matter how shameful the results. Frankly, with the exception of #1, I got off pretty easy. From 3919 songs:

  1. Somebody to Shove (unplugged, live) – Soul Asylum
  2. Thinking of You – Sarah Vaughan
  3. Price to Pay – Blues Traveler
  4. Chicken Man (live) – Indigo Girls
  5. A Thousand Miles (live) – Vanessa Carlton
  6. Ice – Sarah McLachlan
  7. Powderfinger (live) – Neil Young
  8. In Our Lifetime – Texas
  9. Light My Candle – Rent
  10. Sailing To Philadelphia – Mark Knopfler

3 Responses to “Meme du Jour: My Ten Randomly-Selected Songs”

  1. Mark Allerton

    Here’s mine… of 4940 songs…

    Photek – Minotaur (Modus Operandi)
    Bamboo – Outkast (Speakerboxx)
    Jugni Jugni – Unknown Bhangra artist (off Audiogalaxy)
    Night Whistler – Donald Byrd (Places And Spaces)
    D’Angelo – Devil’s Pie (Voodoo)
    Woman On The Edge – Cassandra Wilson (Jump World)
    Place In Between – Jazzanova (In Between)
    The Audience – Herbert (Bodily Functions)
    Deep Water – D*Note (Criminal Justice)
    Move On Up (Opaque Remix) – Mark De Clive Lowe (12″)

    Of those, probably only the Donald Byrd track is faintly embarrassing – a slightly dodgy track from an otherwise classic album.

  2. ken

    Explanation: I’ve only loaded this machine with a few songs from my home iTunes library, starting with my Favorites playlist. So there’s nothing terribly shameful in there (yet).

    Venus as a Boy – Bjork
    All is Full of Love – Bjork
    Napolean – Ani DiFranco
    Timebomb – Old 97s
    Beats So Lonely – Charlie Sexton

  3. :) Nicole

    Here’s another Indigo Girls fan! I finally bought the latest CD of theirs this week. It’s great! I’ve seen them live…um..four times. I credit them with my non-homophobic views. When they sing about love, it doesn’t matter to whom they are singing; it’s just about love.

    :) Nicole

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