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More on the Imaginary Girlfriends

Back in January, I wrote about the eBay market for imaginary girlfriends. It was only a matter of time until somebody kicked that up a nonch and started their own corporation:

With an Imaginary Girlfriend, you can carry on a completely fictitious, yet authentic looking relationship with the girl of your choice. Browse through our site and choose your favorite girl to see what she can offer as your Imaginary Girlfriend.

Just make up how you met and include any details about yourself that you want your new girlfriend to know. Within days you’ll receive personalized love letters by mail, e-mails, photos, special gifts… even phone messages or online chat. Every Imaginary Girlfriend is unique.

Are they looking for funding? To whom do I write the cheque? This is a way better idea than that whole eToy business. Mind you, it’s kind of a virtual brothel. On the other hand, it’d be a good gig for a stay-at-home Mom. Knowing my luck, my imaginary girlfriend would just call and berate me all the time for not washing the car or, you know, satisfying her sexually.

Huh. So far, their stable is a bit bare. I only see three choices. What if I want a red-headed imaginary girlfriend? I guess there’s always PhotoShop.

2 Responses to “More on the Imaginary Girlfriends”

  1. donna

    Hmm. I could do this! I just need to find some cute pictures of me…

    Hello, photoshop!

  2. Peter

    “A week before our time is up, you can break up with me and I’ll spend the next seven days begging you to take me back.”

    This may actually be sadder than Realdolls. As Kubrick demonstrated in “Eyes Wide Shut”, the only male fantasy better than sex with multiple beautiful women is multiple beautiful women begging you for sex… and turning them down.

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