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(My Canada Includes) The Carnival of Canucks #8

Welcome to the Carnival of the Canucks, a showcase of Canadian blogness. In the interests of national representation, I’m going to organize this week’s carnival by province and territory. You can click on the handy image map (courtesy of our federal government) below to jump to the province or territory of your choice. Apologies in advance for the heavy emphasis on the West Coast–it’s where I live. By the way, if anybody wants to score the image-map for future Carnivals (or whatever), go crazy. After all, in a way, it belongs to all of us.

Thanks to Jim Elve and his tireless blog directory, as well as GeoURL. Without these two tools, I’d be geographically-crippled. There will some more entries throughout the day. Email me if you want in. Particularly if you live in Nunavut. Next week’s Carnival will be brought to you by Brett Lamb.

Entries updated throughout the day are in green.

Canada by Region


British Columbia

  • Bree writes about how homelessness may simply be a cashflow problem.
  • On Soapboxgirls, Emira writes about Ballet BC and modern dance.
  • A while back, Todd wrote very eloquently about the problem of noise in our society: “whenever I’m tempted to turn something up now, I stop to think if I can first eliminate some other noise.”
  • Jay Currie discusses a fascinating article about the emmigration (or the non-immigration) of the ‘creative class’ in the United States. Canada gets credit as one of the many nations that are taking creative and innovation industries away from the US. Be sure to check out the comments, where somebody cites an equally-interesting article with the opposing argument.
  • Donna links to two sites about riding the bus. A flame war appears to be emerging.
  • Colene explains “how to successfully mass produce an otherwise ordinary article of clothing. Reason #3 supports my prediction that, my 2010, visible pubic hair will be the new black.
  • Richard has written a short review of The Corporation. I’ve been a bit skeptical about this film. After I heard the movie’s pitch, there wasn’t much more to say. After reading Richard’s review, I may yet go and see it.


  • Wayne offers “Roller Derby, RollerJam, RollerGames, and Rollergirls news, views, and opinions”. Here he discusses how the Arizona Roller Derby is keeping stats on, among other things, “how many jams girls skate per period”. I need to bone up on my roller lingo. In the next entry, he provides an update on an injury, which includes the terrifying phrase “her eyeball has continued to become dislodged.”

New Brunswick


Nova Scotia

Northwest Territories


  • I’ve got nothing here. Given that the region only has about 28,000 people, and probably less than half of them use the Internet (our government apparently doesn’t bother reporting stats for those pesky territories), it’s not surprising. Check out how barren GeoURL is up there. The best I could do was Rick Oyukuluk’s Journal, which only has two 2003 entries from this 23-year-old from the top of Baffin Island. Poutine and maple syrup for anybody who sends me a Nunavutian (Nunavutesque?) weblog.


  • Lee writes about the Super Bowl, and how he doesn’t mind that we don’t get the cool American ads: “We’re happy to shop at United Furniture Warehouse and to sell our jewlery to that crazy Oliver guy in Toronto.”
  • Debbye, an American in Toronto, writes about what a lousy idea it is to amalgamate youth programs there.
  • Jim, our nation’s blog shepherd, writes about the Conservative Party leadership candidates’ Web sites, and how they’re all crap for the visually-disabled. I’ve been obsessing a little over their sites lately, so I can relate.
  • I’m not actually certain that Paul Janes Wells (wrong blogger, sorry about that) lives in Ontario, but given his profession, I’d say it’s a pretty good guess. He talks about what he’d ask Paul Martin if he were in Ottawa. Instead, he appears to be in Australia.
  • I’m pretty sure that Don from All Things Canadian–who is a Senators fan–lives in Ottawa. Mind you, he also hates the Leafs, so that could put him anywhere in the country. Regardless, he’s always got something savvy to say about politics and his latest post about the grassroots candidate is no exception. It’s also cross-posted to ye olde Election Blog.

Prince Edward Island

  • A SAHM (stay-at-home-Mom) writes about that ultimate Canadian experience: the bush party.




  • Danny Riendeau (does that last name mean ‘nothing water’?) discusses how Americans are terrified of breasts. We’re not far behind, but what kind of Puritanical nation gets in a tizzy over a single, pastey-clad breast?

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  1. Alan

    Good work – that pesky Nunavut thing again. I only found dead space as well. There must be some folks blogging.

  2. Paul Wells

    I’ll bite. Who’s Paul Janes? But it’s true, I live in Ottawa. Well, I pay down a mortgage there. Lately I live out of a carry-on bag. Cool map, btw

  3. Gen

    Hi Darren!

    I was honestly not kidding about the 3900 messages in my spam inbox… It took a long time to erase them all ;-)

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