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My Office

It’s late, and I’m feeling self-reflexive. Over at (which, may I observe, features one of the more fetching top banners in blogland), Martine is collecting photos of people’s work environment and I thought I’d contribute. This is the ‘plus den’ part of our one bedroom plus den. I must assume they meant ‘den’ in the context of ‘home for foxes’, because it’s not really big enough for much else. It’s cave-like, which I appreciate, and 50 square feet soaking wet.

I took a photo. Then I had a close look at it. Man, I’m messy. Being at least one-third technical writer, I started to label things. And I couldn’t stop. Click the photo at left for a much larger version.

8 Responses to “My Office”

  1. Heather

    I quite like your filing cabinet :) I’ll have to see if someday I can find one like it, when I actually get to a point in my life where I have more than three pieces of furniture. (I am a rather nomadic student at the moment.)

  2. Darren

    Good luck on the filing cabinet. That was a five year odyssey finding that one–it’s from the mid-20s. They’re hard to come by.

    Still, I always wanted one because modern filing cabinets are so butt-ugly.

  3. Martin

    Two comments:

    1. Your office is 3 times the size of mine.
    2. Nice use of the Manual of Style…

  4. Martine

    Thanks for the compliment! I had to look it up in my Robert & Collins anglais-français… The closest expression I knew to fetching was “far-fetched”!

  5. Darren

    Yeah, ‘fetching’ is a kind of an old Britishism that you wouldn’t hear in Canada very often. I fancy old Britishisms.

  6. Joanna

    How’s the Gordon Lightfoot CD? I keep thinking about getting a copy since I love Aengus Finnan so. How’s the rest of the CD?

  7. Darren

    The CD is pretty good, assuming you like Gordon Lightfoot. If you don’t, then, I wouldn’t recommend it. The Hip do a great version of ‘Black Day in July’.

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