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PowerPoint Anthology of Literature

Becky points to the PowerPoint Anthology of Literature, which amusingly summarizes Hamlet’s most famous speech and the opening page of Lolita (for my money, the finest opening in any novel, anywhere) as PowerPoint slides. These are kind of old jokes (remember the meme that was the Gettysburg address), but still entertaining.

It would have been funnier, and a bigger project, to summarize all of Hamlet as a series of PowerPoint slides. That would actually be a great project for an advanced English high school class. Not only would they have to comprehend the play, but they’d have to get irony.

3 Responses to “PowerPoint Anthology of Literature”

  1. Jeff

    Yes, Radosh’s anthology must be published–in PPT, natch.

    I actually sideblogged this a few weeks back, Darren, but I will steer these tears from my cheek that you didn’t notice.

    On the plus side, I haven’t noticed any knuckle-dragging MOJO radio listeners added to your fanbase since the on-air props last week. I would take this as a good thing, certainly.

  2. Sue

    *snicker* thanks for pointing those out. I got a good larf out of the Hamlet one.

  3. DLR

    Thanks for the kind words! The anthology actually did originate as a live PowerPoint presentation (for a McSweeney’s-ish crowd, which explains the otherwise bewildering final slide). A revised version will be published in the next edition of Mirth of a Nation, an annual humor anthology.

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