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Update on the Vancouver Sun’s Online Offerings

About three weeks ago, I bemoaned the fact that, like many papers around the world, the Vancouver Sun was starting to charge for its online edition. At that time, I called them up to see how much it costs, and they couldn’t tell me.

I called back today to find out. It tooks the customer service rep about two minutes to locate the price–she was going through old emails to find out how much it cost. Clearly, they’re not getting tons of calls on this. Introductory offers aside, it’s going to cost $13.99/month for access to the online version, and an additional $3.99 for something called the electronic edition. As far as I can tell, the electronic edition is a digitally-rendered version of each page of the paper. You can click on any story or ad, and read the full text.

Why anyone would want this goofy ‘electronic edition’ add-on is mystifying to me. If I’ve got access to the searchable, online edition, what do I care what the paper looks like? Any shaved baboon can search the site to locate a specific story. It’s got compelling archival uses, but not for the average consumer.

By comparison, getting the dead-tree version of the paper costs $16.83 a month.

4 Responses to “Update on the Vancouver Sun’s Online Offerings”

  1. Rob

    My guess is that the html edition will not include all of the photos/pictures, etc., and that some people also just love to look at the ads.

    People are weird.

  2. Jay Currie

    I am really tempted to subscribe for a month and post the userid and password at the top of my blog. Think of it as leaving your newspaper on the bus for someone to read after you are done with it.

    More seriously, if we needed any more proof that the Asper kids haven’t a clue how to run a newspaper this is it.

    Simple idea guys…newspapers are not television stations. Repeat that until you get it.

  3. Ray

    I agree Jay. Wholeheartedly.

    What kind of an Assper takes a free on-line paper with 14-day crappy archiving and then charges for it and supplies 7-day crappy archiving and calls it ‘premium content’?

    What kind of an Assper would buy it?

    Cut me down some more trees.

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