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Why Isn’t Couscous More Popular?

It’s faster and easier to cook than rice, and, in my opinion, tastier. Are the rice lobbyists that powerful?

6 Responses to “Why Isn’t Couscous More Popular?”

  1. donna

    several billion asians with a lot of rice, verus.. what, 30 people with couscous?

    Rice is easier to say, too. :)


  2. Heather

    I like couscous much better than rice. That said, I don’t really eat either of them.

  3. Joe Drumgoole

    The traditional method of cooking couscous was quite complicated and time consuming requiring steaming, boiling, turning etc. Basic cooking method cookbooks such as Delia Smith’s never really dealt with it as such so people tend to be unsure of what to do with it, ergo, a less popular dish for cooking.

  4. Emily

    I love how fast it is to cook couscous.
    Interesting to read above that the traditional
    method wasn’t fast and simple at all.

    In any case, my family seems to find
    rice more satisfying. My daughter
    and husband like both couscous and
    rice, but 11 year old
    son doesn’t like couscous at all.
    So I usually make rice.

    I never thought about the taste of
    couscous, only the texture. Next time
    I eat couscous I’m going to notice the

  5. Jim Elve

    I’m a huge couscous fan. I have come up with a good microwave method.

    In a large bowl, boil 1 cup water + 1 tbs. olive oil. (2 minutes)

    Pour 1 1/4 cups couscous into the hot water. Cover and let stand. (3 minutes)

    Add a big gob of butter. Fluff it up and return to microwave. (2 minutes)

    Total cooking time: 7 minutes.

    I usually cover it with a vegetable stir fry. Mmm- Mmm…

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