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100 Movies That Deserve More Love

An insightful article (via MetaFilter) on movies that have been, for whatever reason, shunned, ignored or otherwise disdained. Here are some of my favourites. Having read the whole article, there are about 50 I’d like to write about. I’m applying some self-restraint:

  • Nightwatch (1997) – Features one of the freakiest sequences in recent movie history, and the gruesome removal of a thumb. And, of course, what’s a Ewan McGregor film without Ewan McGregor’s bald-headed hermit?
  • Gattaca (1997) – Pretty popular among geeks, but it’s one of the most stylish, well-acted sci-fi movies of the decade.
  • Equilibrium (2002) – Silly premise, but a great looking film and Christian Bale has Jedi cool pouring out of his ears.

  • Contact (1997) – A particularly thoughtful sci-fi flick, and Jodie Foster’s ‘eureka’ moment out among the satellite dishes is extraordinary.
  • The Edge (1997) – As the article notes, ‘a solid film’. Quality acting, and a Mamet script.
  • Ronin (1998) – An exceptional film, with some of the finest stunt driving I’ve ever seen.
  • LA Story (1991) – To paraphrase the article, if Richard E. Grant’s clanging testicles don’t make you laugh, what will? A witty, funny if occassionally too-cute movie.
  • Rounders (1998) – I know nothing about poker, but this film felt well-researched and very legit. Quality acting, and, sadly, the high-point of Gretchen Moll’s career.
  • The Mosquito Coast (1986) – It’s nutty and a bit rambling, but there’s some fine work from Peter Weir.
  • 25th Hour (2002) – Another exceptional film, with strong performances from the entire cast and directed with wit and boldness by Spike Lee.
  • Beautiful Girls (1996) – A charming, sentimental film with endearing performances from Natalie Portman and Timothy Hutton.
  • Pump Up The Volume (1990) – I fell hard for Samantha Mathis back in the day. These days, she’s reduced to playing Frank Castle’s wife, who gets gunned down before the 10-minute mark of The Punisher.
  • Kissing Jessica Stein (2001) – A witty film that might have been written by Woody Allen if he were a thirty-something bi-sexual woman.
  • 3 Responses to “100 Movies That Deserve More Love”

    1. Donna

      I adore, adore, adore Pump Up the Volume. In fact, I’ve been meaning to rent it for the last few weeks, but who has time to breathe with the semester on the verge of ending? ack.

    2. Jeff

      Excellen Article. Thank you for linking it.

      I was nodding in approval at all of the excellent movies that have been overlooked by mainstreamers through the years.

    3. alexis

      I liked this article too. I would also add “American Pie” to the list. I think it’s a great movie. I think a lot of people just put in it the “teen gross-out comedy” genre and don’t see that it’s also a movie about male friendship and relatioships.

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