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Biggest Box Set Ever

For a mere US $2,220, you can own the entire criminal ouevre of Gary Ridgway, the Green River Killer:

On Monday, the King County prosecutor’s office made available 109 DVDs of interviews with Gary Ridgway, who was sentenced Dec. 18 to 48 life sentences without the chance of parole after earlier pleading guilty to killing 48 women in the Green River serial murder case…The disks, which can be viewed only through a computer, also include video footage of field trips Ridgway took with detectives to sites where he dumped bodies.

Isn’t there some kind of abridged 3-disk set? What about the director’s cut that adds 24 DVDs of previously unreleased material?

4 Responses to “Biggest Box Set Ever”

  1. Mo Cheeks

    Never underestimate the power of the businessman to make a buck.

  2. morph

    Mo Cheeks: Aren’t these just being released as a matter of public record? Just like the holmolka tapes?

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