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I’m Not an Illustrator

I’m helping some colleagues of mine apply to a grant program for their new theatre company. Mostly, I’m just editing and designing the proposal document. However, they also needed a name and logo for their new company. Though they didn’t go with my suggestion (‘Girl on the Tracks Theatre’–how could you not like that?), they asked me to whip up a temporary logo for ‘Larger than Lemon Theatre’ (I know, I know).

While I know my way around Photoshop and have done a fair amount of graphic design work, I’m definitely not an illustrator. The more abstract the project, the less capable I am. Given my limited skills, I was pretty happy with this result that I drew (well, moused) from scratch:

3 Responses to “I’m Not an Illustrator”

  1. Joan

    If they really want help they should let someone give them a decent name. I am shuddering.

  2. John Keyes

    The text is actually smaller than the lemon.

  3. Darren

    The Theatre! It’s the theatre that’s larger than lemon!

    I’ve got no idea, really.

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