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Link Round-Up: And the Kitchen Sink

We haven’t had one of these for a while, so there are links-a-plenty to clear
out of the bookmark folder:

2 Responses to “Link Round-Up: And the Kitchen Sink”

  1. Jeff

    I enjoyed that article about the demise of video games – and agree with the point regarding a lack of progress over the past few years. I actually have little (no) interest in new video games – but still enjoy playing the ancient Quake 2 FPS multiplayer now and then:
    Any computer can run it.
    It’s fast.
    Multiplayer- it’s straight IP to IP. No 3rd party to worry about.

    While I certainly don’t speak for everyone, (or even a signifigant minority) I know the gaming industry will not be seeing a dime from me any time soon. I just don;t care about seeing a reflection ins the ice – or lens flares etc etc…

  2. Sue

    A rather basic prank pulled by a friend of mine (not on me – I helped prepare it)… she created a full-screen Powerpoint slide that precisely reproduced a blue screen. She then set it up to be an exe file so when you opened it, you’d go to the mock bluescreen. Then she swapped that in to the shortcut for the victim’s current programming project. It was fun.

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