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Lucky Strike Out

For the past three years, Angele Yanor has written a mediocre relationship column in The Vancouver Sun. I rarely read it, and when I did I was unimpressed with the writing quality and content. It seemed to me like a lame attempt to exploit the chick-lit fad of Sex in the City.

It turns out that Ms. Yanor had plagiarized at least two of her columns (according to the radio report on the CBC) from the New York Times. An investigation is ongoing as to the extent of her copying, and the editor-in-chief of the Sun was heard on the CBC bemoaning the amount of work the cross-checking involved (surely there’s a cheap and easy technological solution to that problem).

I may have judged her column prematurely. If she indeed lifted a lot of content from the Times, the quality must be better than I thought. On her site, Ms. Yanor rather laughably argues that she “never called herself a journalist”. Ah, well, so long as you publish regularly in a major newspaper but don’t profess to be a journalist, ethical considerations don’t apply. Is she aware of the irony that the bottom of her blog page reads “content may only be published with prior written consent”? There’s no indication of actual copyright, so the text’s origin may be up for grabs.

Here’s a tip for all you budding plagiarists out there: if you’re going to copy verbatim from another newspaper, don’t pick the most popular one on the planet. She was writing about relationships, after all. Surely there are a million and one other adequately-written columns that she could have raided.

12 Responses to “Lucky Strike Out”

  1. alexis

    Okay, as a writer and someone who studied journalism, this makes me want to punch walls. How could someone be so stupid?

    (Sorry, someone had to say it.)

  2. Peter

    Who is more stupid: Yanor for plagiarizing or her editors for letting her get away from it?

    I agree this pisses me off. I’m scraping along, trying to make a living _and_ do a good, ethical job, and she gets a well-paid column for hanging around with celebrities and shopping.

    Have you looked at her site? It reads like it was written by a character in a Whit Stillman movie.

  3. alan

    Her column sucks. Everytime I read it, I’d roll my eyes at her lame arguments and topics. Yeah, she totally was a Carrie Bradshaw wannabe.

  4. morph

    The Times has a penchant for crappy journalism too. Jayson Blair comes to mind. I recently read an article in their editorial section that described the Bush doctorine (pre-emptive war) as striking back. Comparatively, The Sun is pravda.
    I can’t wait for the North America edition of The Gaurdian. It should provide some balance against papers like The Sun and NY Times.

  5. bunty

    “I’ll write a book” she says. This is a new career arc for those who want attention at any price – big-time scandal followed by smug, merry-prankster style bestseller (except that nobody will really give a fishy fuck about Yanor, in contrast to Glass and Blair). “The King of Comedy” predicted all of this. Better to be celebrated fraud than shmuck for a lifetime.
    Peter is right – The Sun should never have run this crock in the first place.

  6. donna

    Out of curiousity, since when does not being a journalist mean that you can’t plagarize something? Maybe I’ll plagarize on my next paper at school, then when I get caught tell them “Oh, but I never called myself a student…”

    stupid bint.

  7. pokerface

    I’ll wager her new marriage should suffice as her present charade….give it three years as well, with a whimpered Dear John e-mail sent to hubby when he confronts her with questions about cheating ;-)

  8. Eddy Elmer

    I really doubt much of this has to do with plagiarism per se. It seems she went out of her way to get caught… For reasons we can only guess.

  9. ij_rygel

    Apparently the Vancouver Sun’s editor in chief went through this 10 years ago. the irony of hypocrites. at least she had enough cajones to issue a statement to the slobbering pack of rabid anklebiters.

  10. Sandra

    RE: ij_rygel AKA Braddy Howser are you an idiot?

    Are you saying that Ms. Patricia Graham is a plagiarist.

    Oh stop!


    Seriously! You are killing me Ij!

    Please post your supporting evidence otherwise you have entered the world of liable which means you… should shut up.

    And let me guest…. your real name is not ij_rygel or Braddy Howser for that matter but maybe Angele Yanor – just a guess… you liar.

  11. Braddy Howzer

    Maybe you should do a little investigation of your own before you crying liar.
    It’s ignorant to suggest that I am Angele but consistent with your paranoia.

  12. Sandra

    Dear Ij Rygel – AKA Braddy Howzer;

    I repeat and insist that you elaborate on your acquisitions regarding Ms. Patricia Smith’s past acts plagiarism.

    Thank you.

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